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There are a lot of photographers who say that equipment does not matter. Please check the camera bags of the people who say that because I bet they already have what they need.  How can you take macro pictures without a macro lens?  How are you going to cover a football game with only a 24-70 lens?  Gear is one of the important part of photography.

Gear is one part of photography, but it’s not the main part.  You can have all the gear in the world, but it’s nothing without skills.  It is very important to bring your skill level up as you upgrade your gears.  Gear doesn’t matter when your skill does not keep up.

I first started photography in high school back at 1990 with a Minolta a7000.  Since then used Nikon (N90s, F4s & F5) & Mamiya (645) during the film days and moved to Canon (30D, 40D, 50D, 7D, 7D2, 5D2, 5D3, 1D2s & 1D3) at 2004.  I moved to Sony when the a7r came out attracted to the high mps and fell in love ever since.  I’m currently using Sony (a73, a7r3 & a9) but kept some Canon and Nikon gear for sports.

My review here are not a scientific review, but a review as a user.  I’m using my pass experience reviewing the gears.  I hope you will find these reviews helpful for your voyage searching for the perfect gear for your-self.


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