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Starting Our Blog with Sony a7ii

Updated: Oct 7, 2019


Sony a7II + Sony 28-70 F3.5-4.5

The Sony a7ii + Sony 28-70 F3.5-5.6 is the cheapest full-frame camera bundle on the market for being under $1000. This camera was first introduced in 2014, and Sony came up with the ever-popular and feature rich version 3. We will see if the version 2 is still relevant in 2019 in our future blogs by testing both versions. Do you think the version 2 is still relevant in 2019?

You will be able to see the main difference between the two cameras on the following link below in details.

To make it short, the following are the new improvements and reason the version 2 is still relevant in 2019.

  1. Sensor: The version 3 has the new backside Illuminated Sensor allowing 1 additional dynamic range from 13.6 to 15 stops. The version 2 already have 13.6 stops of dynamic range. The version 3 does not really have that much improvement over the version 2.

  2. Autofocusing: Major improvement from version 2 to 3. No way to defend the version 2 on this one, but did I mentioned that the version 2 is half the price with a lens versus version 3? :)

  3. Improving the buffer: Version 2 has 20 raw (compressed) & 50 JPGs buffering while the version 3 has 89 raw (compressed) & 177 JPGs. The version 2‘s focusing system is not that great, so no one will be shooting any sports with this camera. The 20 raw buffer will be ok for most photographers.

  4. Battery: The version 3 doubles the capacity by changing it to a bigger one. You can buy an off-market vertical grip for around $50 and double the battery life For the version 2 by putting 2 in the grip. You can also pick up off-market batteries very cheap on Amazon. Make sure to grab a few and also purchase a wall charger!

  5. Touch screen & magnification: The version 3 now has a touch screen and a EVF that has a 0.78x magnification vs the 0.71x used for the a7II. Did I mentioned the version 2 is half the price with a lens? ;)

  6. Body Design: The version 3 comes with major improvements such as a stronger mount, AF joystick, extra AF-On button, 2 SD card slots, and extra custom button. That AF joystick is really sweet, but let’s not forget that the version 2 is half the price with a lens...

The price of the Sony a7II is the most attractive part of purchasing this camera. It has a lot of shortcomings versus the new version 3, but the image quality isn't that much behind it. After all, the most important part of a camera is the image quality for sure. This camera will be great for slow shooters such as landscapes and studios.

You also have other choices with a $1000 budget, and we will go over the smaller sensor competition comparison soon after this project. We think that most people purchasing this camera bundle will most likely only have the bundle lens while they use this camera.

Different company 35mm Lenses

This blog project will introduce many different types of budget lenses that will allow a new type of photography for the bundle lens users. We are starting by testing varieties of cheap 35mm Sony E-mount lenses to the high price cousin to see if they can compete with them.

We hope you will find Geartogchannel blog interesting and helpful. Please make sure to like and follow us on our social media, so we can make many more posts! I want to thank you for reading our first post.

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